Because "power of prediction" is filled with uncertainties...

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

My, my...Who knew that there would be such things as 12% approval ratings, and citizens who draw support away from the undermine of Separation of Powers...

A tax-cut for the job creators (rich) would have been the fix for creating certainty, & stabilizing unemployment... This is Democrat's third year of majority financial control; without Bush-blame for these new directions...

Democrats Ban Words "Liar, Hypocrite & Intellectually Dishonest"
When Talking About President:
"Under section 370 of the House Rules and Manual; House Democrats have decided to ban free speech in the US House of Representatives. House members will no longer be able to call President Obama a "liar" even when he's lying. read.

Meanwhile... DEMS ponder the intellectuality of fighting al-Qaeda...
Sounds like mass discouragement they hammered in Iraq: VIDEO: VIEW.

Had it gone to al-Qaeda, would they be writing this today?
No Frills Tourism… “Western tourists take a vacation in Iraq and find an enriching experience despite the roadblocks and blast walls.” #
“They could be the cast of an Agatha Christie thriller - Adventure in Mesopotamia, perhaps: a civil servant, a businessman, a retired sub-postmaster, a former US probation officer and an archaeologist from London.” Read. (Bahaha!)

-Dems say threat is now in Pakistan (with self-blame) AUDIO.
-Military Leery of Afghanistan Escalation with no Clear Goals.
-Analysis: White House Postponing Hard Calls on War: Read.
-Col. Roper cites need for Congressional Commitment: Read.
-More at: blackfive

aceHQ nails it: #
"Obviously, there is no way we can win in Afghanistan without first passing healthcare reform and comprehensive immigration reform." more.
VIDEO: Must view (healthcare) info: Here.

How about selling a little Obamacare to Taliban, instead of ramming it down US throats! Don't consign our guys, and then cut their ability to win.
-“Ambushed Marines AID call Rejected" Read.
-"We're Pinned Down: 4 U.S. Marines Die in Afghanistan" Read.

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