Video: Middle-class tax? (yes, no, or yes)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

"Ey, the tax legislator decides these issues, the President proposes."
America's Morning News 8.4.09...
He actually changed the code; & "fixed" his own tax-cheat...

And, as I've already said here... If they don't want to appear to waffle by taxing middle-class; they'll just re-write a new threshold for middle-class... You know, by adjusting the current 250,000... Ey, there's a lot of unemployment, right?

And look at this:
Matt points to Barack's own words in a video; and the White House shoots back and claims that he "makes it look like the President intends to eliminate private coverage"... While they borrow a US second President's quote:
"Facts are Stubborn things"... read.

Go figure. Adams thought that the definition of a republic had to do with its ends, rather than its means... As Democrats go...
"Beyond our Means."

Adams was a ONE TERM President, that LOST to:

Republican, Thomas Jefferson... And now we know why Federalist US Democrats throw themselves at Europe for acceptance... Here in Paris, Thomas Jefferson is still grandly remembered...
"Facts are Stubborn things"...
[March 4, 1801 – March 4, 1809]

White House: "Barack won't eliminate private coverage"
(The system" will finally BRING-DOWN the Private option!)

West Wing uses Web against Drudge: Read.

HAHA! Open your mind: BIG SCREEN.
Was this originally intended for the Republicans? Well, NOW we know who this REALLY belongs to! ...Call us NEO-ECONS... If you please!

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