Tickets for "hand-selected" public debates; because opponents are so "un-American"

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Pelosi & Reid have just never heard of such shouting! "It's so, un American."
Flashback-2008! Rough language***

And, Ha! ... Come to find out, a little more than meets the eye with those swastika-toting protesters...
And what on earth was this guy thinking? Read!

And just how American is a Gov. threatening advertisers of a citizen who points out an unfavorable detail on a Gov. bill?

Hey, six months ago we started the quiet Tea-Parties, and were snubbed by the Media... Michelle weighs in on the Whitehouse unprecedented attack on 57% of the Nation... one pundit at a time.

Ht: From instapundit (2 links)
Dem Rep Who Opposes Photo ID To Vote; Now Requiring Photo ID For Town Halls.
“Isn’t he worried that a photo ID requirement will discourage minorities — and immigrants — from attending?”

And this:
Harry Reid: Protesters are “Evil-Mongers.” Remember how Democrats and media made fun of Bush for talking about “evildoers?” But those were just terrorists, not people who, you know, opposed the Obama Administration’s agenda. read.

Hey, too bad we didn't shout a little louder as Acorn was triple enrolling the dead, or we'd see the end to the Democrat's hostile programs against the business sector...

Today, hundreds of thousands of small businesses are caught in the Democrat's strangle-hold... And go figure that they stripped mental illness from the policy.. If it passes, it is because people were absolutely crazy...

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