Roosevelt's Soc Security Act is touted as "historic for all time"

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

As Roosevelt's Social Security continues to reap millions from Doctors & professionals who, as it stands, will never live to see a dime... It is by far, one of our Nation's worst long-term policies...

Democrats would later politicize the program, opening a pipe-line to foreign recipients, greatly draining the system... Thus, turning this into the biggest harvest (rat-hole) from small business & individual payers, in our Nation's History.

VIEW VIDEO: Must view: ObamaCare Hidden Truth
(Starts a little slow, but stay with it... It's important.)

One could actually compare Soc. Sec. with the left's 'ill conceived' short-term strategy for healthcare; amidst better "free market" GOP principals.... But in my observation, Obamacare (should it pass) will actually be worse... Instead of loosing millions of dollars, it will loose lives...

Over time, we will see significant broadening of a program that cannot accommodate the masses; and will soon place an expanded amount of US earning capital, into (once again) a far worse return...

VIDEO: View Bush proposal to privatize Social Security BIG SCREEN.
Democrats who held Majority Financial control over Bush term (late 06-09) refused to allow baby-boomers to private invest Social Security... They struck-down (and criticized) his measure which would have increased asset accumulation into the hundreds of billions by today's date... They were wrong!

We're actually "NEO-ECONS."

In conclusion.... Increased government spending and higher taxes will drain the people of options for recovering, while broadening Governmental control... And this slows-down recovery... ECON-101.

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