Rainbow Arc Over Sussex (8/11/09)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

ICE AGE! From Atmospheric Optics:
"An ethereal rainbow fled from its watery origins and wrapped improbably about the zenith." Exceptionally rare, & perfectly photographed.
by: Kern Arc.

Fay Schlesinger's article, "It's a rainbow smile, rarely seen outside the North and South Poles."

Artist, Charles Schneider VIDEO: Ice Age Garden: VIEW

Let's hope it's not this:
VIDEO: Dreadful Brats in Space! BIG SCREEN

Sudden Ice Age or World Drought Possible, Study Says:
"Humanity has been living in the meteorological equivalent of a fool's paradise." more.

The last ice age happened in a year: Story.

From PNA of Science (USA) #
Evidence strongly suggests that a comet hit the north east of the USA towards the end of the last ice age. This caused two main effects: PDF
VIDEO: Fireball asteroid meteorite ufo crashes into earth: VIEW.

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