Dr. Soon gives input on Solar/Cycles/CO2

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

VIDEO: Brief interview (Dr. W. Soon) VIEW!
Dr. Soon; Harvard-Smithsonian center for Astrophysics
Awesome, Dr. Soon! (also video below)
Image: "Walk in the Grass"

Much more scientific discussion is needed
(Videos open in new window.)
VIDEO: Real story of Greenland: VIEW!

10th Century Greenland became a 15th century ICE AGE; almost identical to Solar–cycle mapping of an unstoppable Solar Cycle… And as we face another ICE AGE, we must face that changing climate is constant; and so too, should be the theory of Science...

So, would "Industrial Age or CO2 tax" have helped to avert an ICE AGE in 10th century Greenland? ....Hahaha..


Amidst a great deal of well meaning people, humans should pursue a much more resourceful and adaptable path; but should do so at a micro rather than macro level...

Image: Greenland!
"Walk in the Grass"

Some theorize that CO2 only comprises 0.036% of the atmosphere, that is less than 4 hundreds of 1% and humans contribute 5% of that... Others conclude that CO2 makes up about 5% of all Greenhouse gasses...

But literally ALL competent Scientists see CO2 trailing (and not driving) temperatures by about 100 years; rightly because of the sheer size of the sea. And these temperatures are now cooling...

Only those insisting upon "rigid" theory of "changing" climate; are obviously less committed to actually arriving at an accurate solution...

Today's Video Links...
VIDEO: MSM at work: VIEW.
VIDEO: Scaring Children (Stossel) HERE.

VIDEO: intermediate explanation of seasons VIEW.
Of which solar cycles and planetary changes effect our planet...

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