Dennis Miller: It’s officially becoming "creepy" (Video)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

(D) Sen Boxer: "Protesters too well dressed to be sincere" VIDEO.
"These protesters are just to hurt Obama; & Change Congress."
(Change Congress? Yes, yes!...Change Congress, 2010! )

GOP minority is blamed for failed bills, even tho Obama Admin maintains a filibuster-proof majority... Meanwhile Pelosi threatens "Blue-Dog" Democrats; silencing opposition, and adopting debate control.
VIEW VIDEO: High Disapproval for Obamacare: BIG SCREEN.

"The Buck Stops Here" (Comedy)
Dennis Miller: It's officially becoming "creepy"

'E. O. W.' eased now? read.

Ed Morrissey explains: On cap-and-trade, Rust Belt Democrats will have a hard time supporting the demolition of their economies back home while trying to keep their seats... Read.

Hey, how about drastically reducing spending...
Let the economy heal; instead of stacking on more programs, with the same groups that pressured banks to make risky loans, and failed to pay Medicare payments to hospitals and Doctors, which eventually reduced Insurance affordability... VIDEO: MUST VIEW.

Today's Links...
-Democrats Reject Two Measures to Create Parity Between Congress’ Health Coverage and the Public’s : Read.
-CNN POLL: After 6 Months, More View Obama Presidency a 'Failure'
Than Bush.
-Tell Me Again: Why is the Government Trying to Nationalize the Health Care System? campaignforliberty shows latest POLLS.

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