Protect World Aid in Republic of Honduras

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and Soon US

Asked of AID loss:
"If living in democracy implies living with fewer resources, Hondurans will adjust to the situation." -FM Gabriela Nunez#
Image: World Bank- AID Honduras.
Scraped by World Bank Aid.
But I hope that World Bank will not succumb to political pressure, and will remain committed to assisting efforts to reduce poverty for the children of Honduras; and around the globe.

VIEW The Pic of the day: HERE! from Tegucigalpa to Obama:
"Obama, please help us defend our constitution and freedom. Do not support the next Chavez"

Honduran Sovereignty: Who has Jurisdiction? Read.

The militarial wrath that Leaders inflict upon their own civilians, who dare to hold them accountable... Should end the fears of a Republic using its laws and unanimous vote... There exists no country who would avoid expulsion of a former leader, who maintained a threat.

Prosecution of (18) Crimes Await Zelaya, by the Republic of Honduras #
Neither US, UN, EU, OAS, or any other entity; has a seat in Honduran Congress, Supreme Court, or Legislative branches, or comply with its Constitution... This is paranoia and (of course) all about, "a safety net."

Flanked by Latin American leaders who have vowed to help him regain power...

IMAGE: Noticias24

Honduran Government replies:
"We cannot negotiate nothing" on the return of Zelaya" read.
Honduras said to the AFP in an exclusive interview when responding if the new Honduran authorities are arranged to sit down to speak with the OAS and the international community, generally, that has unanimously condemned the blow that overthrew to Zelaya Sunday the past.

Micheletti assured that Zelaya "never is going to return to the power", and if it returns of course to the country "that will be stopped" to be responsible for the 18 crimes that to him the justice of the country imputes.

Today's Links...
From Freeps:
Niger leader undermining rule of law - says White House Read.
Funny how the Obama Administration declares yesterday that Niger's request to extend their term is undermining Rule of Law; but then, Honduras MUST allow their Constitution to be Violated...

This, as Obama terminates Military ties with Honduras, and considers ending Financial Aid... Honduras is a Democracy/Republic who was one of the first 26 governments to sign the Declaration by United Nations in 1942; they did so as a recognized independent nation-state...

Note: My flight to the States is leaving now...
Will update in a day or two. (4th of July) Think Good Thoughts.

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