Obama's Int'l speeches don't apply at home

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

"We believe that the purpose of AID must be to create the conditions where it is no longer needed to help the people to become self sufficient, provide for their families, and lift their standards of living."

Meanwhile, back at home...
Government is busy bankrupting private U.S. companies in our business sector; as Obama policy stifles business rules, thus impacts MASS layoffs due to unclear tax policy...


After a US commitment of 800 billion to feed the Int'l poor:
1) A G8 fund aimed at helping smallholder farmers increase crop yields:read.
(Helping those in need is, of course, a good thing.)
But, back in the US...
2) Obama's refusal of funds will negatively impact California Agriculture

About California "green" and Agriculture...
California, the Nation's green-energy pioneer, and chief Agricultural state, was denied essential funds by the Obama Administration that would have helped it to regain it footings.... After record natural disasters, inability to reform MASS Unions, and old Liberal tax protection laws, and majority Democrat Legislative spenders: California is brought to insolvency... The Nation's Test impact of CO2 restrictions have turned jobs out of the state...

Glen Reynolds shows a graphic of the Mancession.
So its too bad that Obama Administration's Int'l claims, do not apply here at home... A place where they step out of the way "creating conditions where hands-outs are no longer needed"... And that the goal of their Governorship is to help the people to become self sufficient... And move beyond the goal of widening "Democrat Voting States"...

Democrat Media silences peaceful U.S. tea party protests; but gives FULL COVERAGE to violent protests in other corners of the globe. Respect for "unclenched fists" has little value, at home. ...We represent every party!

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