NASA (STS-127) Final walk complete; Constellation (1/4 Report -09) -

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
Polansky STS-127 Mission Captain
Writes from orbit:
"Just finished the last EVA and the airlock is re-pressurizing. What a great feeling to be complete!" Twitter.


Spacewalkers Tom Marshburn and Chris Cassidy completed the mission’s work on the outside of the Japanese Kibo Laboratory... STS-127 MCC Status Report #25

From yesterday's series of intricate robotic arm moves to berth a Japanese carrier back into Endeavour; to today's 5th & final... Shuttle and station crews will awaken around 3 a.m. EDT Tuesday to prepare for undocking... Will bid each other farewell, and close the hatches at 10:23 a.m... Followed by undocking at 1:26 p.m.

NOW: 6 docking ports for visiting vehicles; more coming in future!
Japan’s H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV), an unmanned cargo craft, is scheduled to make its first deliveries to space station September 09. Video: VIEW

Constellation Quarterly Report (June 2009)
Catch a glimpse of a new NASA transportation; Now in the works...

Today's Links...
Former naval commander Chris Cassidy is 500th Astronaut in Space Read.
Lt. Commander Cassidy, 39, has led combat missions in Afghanistan; now honored in an historic and successful Endeavour Mission. More.

More Q & A: At ivanatora
NASA's STS-127 Mission Facts...
This completes the last STS-127 spacewalk and 130th in support of space station assembly and maintenance. (810 hours, 36 minutes)... And 102nd spacewalk out of space station airlocks and the 218th American spacewalk. NASA twitter

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