Maybe STATES should cut 'tax & Fed-Gov'

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and Soon, US!

Chaos, arm-twisting gave Pelosi a CO2 Tax win... read.
But I contend that there is nothing worse than empty Gov. claiming that they will save you... And that "Cap" (kill) & "trade" (away jobs) for ear-marked schemes & privileges for a 'Fed-select' few; hasn't "trickled-down", even to the job creators; as the Fed Gov flattens-out the economy for Federal Unions...

In the video (below) a private citizen addresses Obama on the lack of transparency and lends some distinctions from Mainstreet economics:
"When you say Government, you mean Tax-payers"...

Video Update: Time has passed, and we find that ordinary auto industry people were bilked out of their life savings; as old-age retirement was transferred "From Obama to the (33 to 1) 'Democrat' Bosses."

What citizens trusted to be the legal process of bankruptcy; turned out to be a crony "closed-door" liquidation, absent their legal protections...

Americans should look very, carefully at the Gov. auto management; as it compares accurately with their new "SAVE THE WORLD" job-purge taxation.
The following video spells it out:

I leave Thurs. from Europe, to the Tea Party in D.C. on the 4th!!!
(more added later)

Today's Links...
from Pethokoukis: (ht- Ace.)
Why was Obama so wrongly optimistic on the economy?
"It’s not so much that a more negative forecast would have prevented Obama from spending large amounts of money, it’s that he would have been forced to tilt the stimulus more in favor of tax cuts which work a lot of faster than government spending... Read.

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