Malkin on Today Show (Lauer interview)

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Posted on 7/29...
Lib Matt Lauer (former local news anchor) now on the "Barack Faithful News team" interviews Michelle...
... And her hew book. :)

Image: Bulgaria lion by Peter Petrov

White House becomes 51st Ward: Read.
"D.C. gathering could as easily have been in Daley's City Hall”

ACE posts Rasmussen's lowest Obama poll...
Gabriel says:
Card-check? Checked out; Cap-and-tax? Stalled; Healthcare? Stalled.
DADT & DOMA? Still the law of the land; Guantanamo Bay? Still open for business... For the Left, "Obama" is synonymous with "failure." And for the Right, his name is synonymous with "socialist." That's not a recipe for electoral success.
Read full.

Today's Assorted Links...
Meanwhile, as two Biggest Wealth-Destroying Measures are (hopefully) kicked aside... Perhaps some relief in the Markets. Hopefully for friends in Japan, also.

ht: ACE has this chart:
IBD: Hey Obama, Stop Blaming "Big Tonsil" And Look At The Lawyers If You Want To Cut Health Care Costs: Read.

Pelosi lashes out insurance companies, who insure 85% of America!
For not letting the Gov. slowly put them out of business...
"Pelosi accuses our Insurance companies of unethical behavior and working to kill a plan to create a new government-run health plan. "It's almost immoral what they are doing," Pelosi said to reporters; adding, "They are the villains." read.

Other news...
Why did my friend (in the States) see so many foreign troops at malls for Obama Team exercise? (More later.) Had Bush have done this, Liberals would have come unglued! And no Media in sight??

And last, the on-going penalty for dissenters...
Exposed "Ethicsgate" Obama and the Democrats multiple direct link to the political effort to destroy Sarah Palin. VIDEO: VIEW.

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