Honduras asks Ortega y Chavez to respect their sovereignty, and to stop interfering

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

"Although a President has been elect democratic and legitimately, he does not have right to disobey the Constitution." M. Colominamore.

-From a US citizen living in Honduras....
MORE FACTS: Worth the Read.
-Honduran US Immigrant shares his suspicion:

The trigger of the crisis:
Zelaya did not respect the resolutions of the General prosecutor, the CSJ, the General Office of the judge advocate general, the Commissioner of the Human rights, nor of the Congress. One refused to render accounts of the bottoms of the State and one insisted on a manipulated consultation to obtain his re-election, for which it issued orders to the commander of the FAN, and then refused to fulfill them... Read.

Honduras is giving to the world a great lesson: Read.
From the steep exit of Manuel Zelaya of the presidency of Honduras information of foreign correspondents circulate in Internet numerous, analysis of experts and publishing houses of press that, to contrapelo of the international diplomacy that describes the fact like a coup d'etat...
The do not present/display a critical vision of the constant constitutional violations of Zelaya, in his governmental exercise...

From Ace:
A Venezuelan plane? Well, that's not surprising... Read.

From faustas blog:
Honduras leaves the OAS:
“There is no room in the OAS for freedom-loving countries.”
“The Honduran government repudiates the pretension to impose unilateral measures against it,” and denounced the OAS’s “tolerance and silence” about threats of “use of force” coming from OAS member states (namely, Venezuela) against Honduras.

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