Arnie vetoed fiscal budgets, took on public employee unions; & stood for low tax

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US
I was there when Schwarzenegger did an historic Veto of Dem controlled Ca. Budget. He also forced Dem majority to view the impact of higher taxes; by holding a tax-vote. We said, no... But it wasn't he, who favored more tax!

He stood against 'Flawed' Legislature... #
He made Bold Moves toward Reform - amidst Dem Majority Stalemate!
(R) Schwarzenegger's announcement, "I have been very clear this entire year that I would be unable to sign a budget without meaningful budget reform," the governor wrote, stressing that spending cuts were needed."

"When they send me the budget, I will veto it," Schwarzenegger said at a Capitol news conference, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"If my veto is overridden," he said, "Hundreds of bills will be vetoed."

The veto will mark the first time in modern history that a California governor has rejected a state spending plan...

He has always Stood for California...
(Found this at AceHQ!)

Schwarzenegger's position of free market principals, and tax- cuts, and fiscal control, date way back to the days of Milton Friedman... His ventures toward alternative clean energy, can be seen everywhere in the state, in the form of as solar buildings, clean transportation; and many projects that will improve the efficiency of our State... As a bipartisan success.

Now all he has to do is improve creative cooperation that can turn this all around. :) And I still think that this can be done...

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