Arnie forces California to live within its means; social program cuts- rebalance

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

"Those are ugly cuts and I'm the only one that is really responsible for those cuts because the Legislature left, they didn't want to make those cuts. VIDEO: VIEW.

Making cuts that Liberals always refused to do.

Next cut: Outdated Tax system will be carefully REFORMED!
This successful tax reform could impact Wash. D.C. ! :D

Earlier Arnie said:

"I just want to assure everyone that we will build up our reserve. We will make necessary cuts."
"To be a leader of men one must turn one's back on men." -H.E.Lovelock

California, with a full Liberal Legislative Majority; needed to do the unthinkable, but wouldn't... The Legislatures refused reform, increased the hand-outs... Finally, the INCREASED TAX drove major business out of the State... "Favors, lobbyists, votes, opened borders, and State programs wrought with fraud; brought my State to insolvency...

"Under the budget the governor signed today, the state will impose tougher sanctions on CalWORKS recipients who don't meet work requirements. And in-home support workers will have to undergo background checks and have their fingerprints taken." read.

Image: Rich Pedroncelli
Earlier from -Twitter:
"I couldn't be more proud: 800,000 more Californians volunteered last year. 989 million hrs of service. Next year we'll hit a billion hours." -Schwarzenegger

This is the California that my Parents knew, and that I admired. Not the politicians who Lobby to win votes, at the expense of tax-paying citizens... We need U.S. Leadership that is willing to make cuts, & live within its means!

How might our Nation have fared, had Liberal Democrats not placed such burdeon on the backs of tax-payers; and stopped suing Banks to provide high risk loans... Would we have controlled Fannie-Freddie?... Yes. Wake-Up!

Videos Revisited: HERE. And view: VIDEO; and READ.
AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A LEADER: HERE. Note: Fruitless that they keep pulling these Videos Down... They are public events, and public archives; saved as far away as Canada...

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