Skepticism toward Pelosi climate bill is growing, not shrinking

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Dem mutiny on climate bill grows, says Peterson: read.

But even today, those with alternate points of view are being prevented from engaging in Scientific debate; or submitting Q & A...
If it's of dire world importance, then a live, televised open debate would help everyone involved...

Embracing Hollywood special effects, instead of encouraging a furthering exchange of open scientific theory... has done little to support a serious & intelligent debate...
Neither did quietly deleting their out-dated and invalidated theory; without bothering to offer a professional correction...

Looks like their biggest fear is a possible reduction in tax funding... And maybe it's an admittance that we might find less expensive ways to systematically address a cleaner planet...

Remember this:
MIT: Global Warming of 7°C ‘Could Kill Billions This Century’
wattsupwiththat asks:
"So what has changed since 2003 to cause the scientists at MIT’s "Centre for Global Climate Change" to believe the world is going to boil over this century and send billions of us directly to a toasty demise similar to our featured movie?"
Since 2003, global temperatures have been dropping. Read.
(excellent diagrams examine the sea-ice/snow)
Which brings the question: "Does their name ("Centre for Global Climate Change") hint at a possible inherent bias in their raison d’ĂȘtre? What "rapid and massive action" do they want us to engage in?

Obviously there is more on this issue...
Here's an interesting site: Ludwig von Mises Institute

Hint: National Snow & ice Center: Here.

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