REEM-B Humanoid Robot (Unveil Video) Abu Dhabi; Pal Technology

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Very adorable (08) clip by Davide Faconti, Italian innovator and builder of robot REEM-B: Life in the Robotic Lab. View his Blog.


Sponsored and unveiled in 2008; on on Reem Island; by Dubai’s:
Pal Technology

A really very good feature for home security, to protect children...
This robot would be able to recognize anyone 'unauthorized' in the household; while you are away...

(Now, what he would do about it, remains to be seen... But hey.)

Pal Technology, a UAE based multi disciplined business established in 2000. The 60kg robot's customized hardware and software development makes it a truly autonomous, self-contained service robot, able to communicate with humans and perform a number of unique and sophisticated tasks…

Today's Links...
Robots film in everyday life:
La convivencia del hombre con robots dotados de "almas de silicio", en casa, en el colegio o el trabajo ya no es ciencia ficción sino el presente y ocurre con el humanoide hispano-emiratí Reem-B, las libélulas holandesas Delfly o el astronauta español Topolino. read.

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