Obama's 21 Czars...

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Stifling business by targeting Int'l neutrality accounts; destroying, setting and then breaking new rules... Maybe the swelling Washington D.C. shouldn't be a separate state... They should be a separate country.

President Obama has named an estimated 21 Czars, with Mark Walsh, "Left Jab" radio host; Ann Coulter, syndicated columnist; and CNBC's Larry Kudlow. Airtime: Fri. Jun. 12 2009 | 4:29 PM ET

For the last three years, all financial policy has required Democrat Congress approval... They're still a "no-energy" (now, new emerging) "Federation." Time for Democrats to take their Reinvestment Acts, CO2 carbon subprime, and project ACORN... To their tiny new country: Washington D.C." :D

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