N. Korea's only option: All players at table

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

VIEW VIDEO: HERE. Last month, Kim Jong 11 quietly became absolute ruler. Likely attempts to strengthen path for successor, Kim Jong Un? More at strategypage.

After Kim Jong Il's execution of Choe Sung Chol, North Korea is pressured to halt developing ballistic missiles & nuclear weapons.

IMAGE March 20, 2009, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, inspects newly-built swimming complex at Kim Il Sung University; Pyongyang, N. Korea

Jong Il cancels 1953 armistice truce, wage & rental contracts, etc... Thirty years may look like non-solution; but (in fact) was the only one... New policy which seeks balance, should be written...
VIDEO: History of N.Korea Nuclear: VIEW .
The weight of further military confrontation, and FULL leverage exerted by China; remain the least logical solution for the region... View a montage of recent news footage of North Koreans attempting to get asylum in foreign embassies in China; as well as recent footage from inside N. Korea. (Video below)

CATO Institute: "All the Players at the Table"
"A Multilateral Solution to the North Korean Nuclear Crisis." PDF
-Likely, the only solution found, is new layers of the same...

Our best prayers, are for balance, as S. Korea, Japan, and China are significant regions in our History and future... I wish this clip was just propaganda... But (with sadness) it is not..

In my opinion; the most sad situation is that Liberty for North Korea, will not easily set them free... They are set in a regime who will meet ANY decision and plan of course of ANY action... Regardless of future impact...

The region has endured much, as strong opposites carry strong differences; and this may be seen as dark future with determination and survival as the only common denominator...

A fast track to negotiations should be implemented right away...
And without delay... Visit:; to see what you can do.

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