High-Velocity Falcon...

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Scientist skydives along with a peregrine falcon, to record top speed... National Geographic video:

Image: Gordon Court

Not sure if this is, or could become a falcon sport...
This Peregrine's speed tops 242 miles (389 kilometers) per hour!

From Hinterland Who's Who:
Peregrine falcons return regularly to favorite nesting sites... Such as, one pair after another, having used the same spot in England since 1243...

Small chicks found under floor ledge of U.S. University
View: IMAGE.

And: Baby falcons banded before flying the coop
Researchers band and take DNA samples of the bird so they can keep track of the endangered species. more.

Today's Links...
Five peregrine falcon chicks hatch atop three city bridges
New York Daily News - Larry Mcshane - ‎May 28, 2009‎
A trio of peregrine chicks were discovered at the top of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. A baby peregrine falcon nests in Marine

Protections in the US are helping reestablish their populations: #
Peregrine Falcons taken off Florida's endangered species list, as stronger regulations and captive breeding-and-release efforts have allowed the falcons to make a comeback. read.

Heh... Commenter explains why delta winged aircraft fly faster than others:
Sharp wings (peregrine) = for fast flight (mig-29), long wings (albatross) = for distant flight (Boeing 747), bigger wings (golden eagle) = hvy flight (antonov 225)

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