Gov. Schwarzenegger tackles issues of state

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Image: Arnie arrives on a flight to Mendota, to address problems concerning drought, with California farmers.VIDEO: HERE.

Image: AS w/ Farmers Mendota

Schwarzenegger's plane makes emergency landing: Story.
Pilot reports smoke from jet's instrument panel

His posting on Twitter, gives many an opportunity to address, and work toward solving pertinent issues... Arnold has long implemented some of the most robust climate change programs in US history; far in advance of those Obama will be adopting...Programs which would weigh heavily upon even the most robust economy. (States, be warned!)

We've also had several disasters which have greatly effected our State property tax revenues; and in lieu of it all.... Schwarzenegger issued a vote, to give us a say, and awaken Democrats to its unpopularity... Not easy to push bold reform and slow-down Dem majority mass spending, in a Dem Majority state... Read. -He's held his ground, but look who still wants a tax increase.

By the way...Speaking of planes, and disasters... Governor Schwarzenegger saved my home from Fire; on the other side of that range!
Fire walls of 100 ft and winds of 60 mph: He led the Guard to us in time! :|

Photo: Jim Wilson | Arnie Assesses Deployment of Extra National Guard Troops
-Click Image View Story.

I recommend that we issue temporary pay cuts; implement Flat Tax ; end the mass growth of welfare programs; reduce size of California State Government...
And (particularly in California) Democrat "bailed out Hollywood entertainment, might consider setting up a drive for the state...
(If not we, Conservative Hollywood will continue to do so.)

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