Assorted Financial News of the weekend

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

"Cap & trade" liveblog: read.
Democrats rush on Friday to pass intro of a $4 trillion-dollar, thousand-page UNREAD (H.R.2454)
-VIDEO: Two Reasons the New EPA Regulations Are a Bad Idea: VIEW.
Michelle sees a Glimmer of hope.

Image: D.C: (Recession-proof)

From Moneyhardball ht:
At a 23.1%$ increase in the savings rate, it is now 6.9%, up from 5.6%... Might be 8.4% next month... At a slow acceleration, Fed should be able to stop runaway inflation...
"Surging U.S. Savings Rate Reduces Dependence on China" Read.

-Pros Say: Economy Bounce Coming In Next Few Months read.
Marc Chandler has this: Worth the read.

Writes Diane Garnick... Wall St. to Taxpayers:
"Thanks for the Bailouts, Have Some Higher Fees'
"Banks take taxpayer money, and then raise rates/fees so we essentially get billed twice. Wow...the people orchestrating this fraud should be in the same cell as Maddoff." read.

Iowahawk: Don't worry, people...
The Country's in the very best of hands. :D

Elections 2010--2012... VOTE THEM ALL OUT!
-Replacement candidates:
Slowly filed under: Election 2010!

Answers: Ditch the economy killers that rely upon suppressed science... Job creators are the ticket out, and should receive incentives, immediately! The length of U.S. recovery relies upon the speed at which Middle American citizens RULE on this issue... The people are the innovators (not Unions.)

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