VIDEO: A not so subtle “under-the table” take-over of private Insurance Industry

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Government meddle, such as the demand of Insurance Companies to eliminate pre-existing condition exclusions from private Insurance Policies; and a National Health care 'evolution' which will eventually have to come to grips with how these "pre-conditions" spread costs over the entire Medical sector; in the form of mass increased costs for all...

VIDEO: Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Democrat-IL) provokes another Gov. inflicted direction absent "cause & effect"... That is, more Government VS the People’s choice, which looks more like a...
Private Ins. "Will DIE" mime.

Of course, most of us think that politicians will exempt themselves from any "crappy" National Health Care Plan... But for you or I; our insurance companies won't be able to compete with the government subsidized plan...

Even with polls which ask, "who wants free Insurance"...
HUGE balance of insured majorities are reluctant to move toward with this administration's National Health Care... Many see it as a direction which fails to adequately address Dr. shortages, destruction of long term care policies, pension funds, etc… Which will inevitably induce MORE unemployment, stock destruction, med & pharm shortages and price-hikes, inept patient care...
And the list goes on…

I criticize, but DO see an actual solution:
Health-Status Insurance: How Markets Can Provide Health Security

Download the PDF of Policy Analysis no. 633 (512 KB)
Free markets can solve this problem, and provide life-long, portable health security, while enhancing consumer choice and competition. "Heath-status insurance" is the key. There is a solution to the hope-changey (really failed) national health care horrors we are seeing across the globe...

Valuable links at:

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Hawaii Drops its Universal Child Health Care #
Citing Budget Shortfalls, Only State With Universal Coverage Eliminates Funding After 7 Months... A state official said families were dropping private coverage so their children would be eligible for the subsidized

I've posted about this, before... Also more: here.

On the subject of health...
Swine Flu in Perspective:
"Look at the facts in the light of the other potential disasters described above. Remember that a good crisis means that somebody is spending money and somebody is making money. Rahm Emanuel advised never to waste a good crisis. In the case of a public health crisis, it is the government, hence the taxpayer, that is spending money." read.

FROM COMMENTS: Liberal - a person who uses compassionate words to take our tax money to finance causes they will not finance with their own money... If you honestly believe higher taxes is the way to a bright future, visit the liberal cities and states that have the highest taxes on everything in the nation and see how they are doing...

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