Video: Atlantis, Hubble Grapple Sets Stage for Spacewalks

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Video: 9.3 min ; compressed from 75 min. Flares (below) at the beginning are the shuttles attitude jets firing. Visible: Atlantis robotic arm; HTS Grapple

Image NASA Ground Control
VIDEO (View Narrated version) STS-125-NASA's great footage!
(Window's media player) new window: HERE!


Video slow to load up... (add. links above & below)

Live Leak: Formerly posted.
"From 200 feet - the Hubble Space Telescope. First time it's been seen since March 2002, the most recent servicing mission...

Atlantis essentially station-keeping while the final command sequence being completed before moving in for the final approach to grapple." UPDATES: HERE.

Today's Links....
View incredible German technology...
VIDEO: View Festo Bionic "Flying Robotic Penguins!"
BIG SCREEN (Opens in New window)

Great article by Rand Simberg (Pajama’s media)
re: NASA challenges in the coming post-shuttle era.
read more. (read comments)

(More later) Thursday Space walk...

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