US pasta Co. 'Cargill' (etc) seized by Chávez

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

gpsfan(Freeps) reports:

"This is a joke, right?

I must have missed this news...
Perhaps due to US media down-play of news content... As Obama team eyes US firms... I'll be comparing the local news content in Europe, next week...

Venezuela seizes US pasta company
"A rice mill owned by Cargill was taken over earlier this year, on the grounds that it was not producing rice at government-set prices.

Cargill had said it did not break the government's pricing rules on rice because the mill did not produce the plain rice which is regulated." read.

Chávez seizes Cargill factory Financial Times

Venezuela Seizes Pasta Factory Of US Food Giant Cargill
RTT News
(---) Venezuela had seized last week hundreds of supply boats and several oil service companies, including two American owned gas facilities. Chavez has also nationalized several private companies in the country, including plants and offices belonging to Mexican cement giant Cemex and the massive Orinoco Belt oil projects. -RTT Staff Writer -read.

And the US President's response? Z-z-z-z.. On the same Hugo page in US? GPS.FAN points out, "No word if Venezuela is going to seize any Chinese properties"...

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Chavez’s Oil Seizures May Cause ‘Substantial’ Output Decline
Petroleos de Venezuela doesn’t have the management and strategic capacity to operate these companies properly,” said Jorge Pinon, a fellow at the Center for Hemispheric Policy at the University of Miami, referring to the state-owned oil company. "You’ll see a substantial drop in oil production." Source.

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