US implemented an equity drop; & then all the world’s Ponzi-schemes fell like cards

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Even this Kingdom was scammed, just like many of us here in the US, etc.... But it's now time to review what we can do toward reestablishing integrity as a global community...

Beyond all the blame...

This world doesn't work anymore for those who took the name of others, and implemented schemes onto our market-grid...
It’s a new day, new way.

I end with simple words, when, having not lived then… I suppose life held kinder priorities...

VIEW VIDEO: Good thoughts remain.

I guess we will all have to return to the kinder more simplistic priorities of our Nations; or we lay doom to earth's future... It will take forgiveness, and honest commitment... We are all on the same search for balance, progress, and peace... As was and still remains; only the simple & pure strives, matter...

May the world find balance and economic recovery...
Links deleted.... Time for all to start over.

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