NASA SDO teaser video. 'Our new eye on the Sun'... launching soon.

-Posted by D. Worth (US) for- M. Barbay (France)

New short overview of NASA's:Solar Dynamics Observatory
NASA SDO HMI twitter explains:
"The magnetic field in the outer regions (corona) of our sun forms loops that carry waves and behave rather like a musical instrument."
NASA: SDO in the (EMI)

LISTEN: solar wind speed (and proton) data turned into sound!
Invisible, inaudible solar winds passing by NASA satellites...
Harmonics!! A Lovely flow of numbers! AUDIO! This is undoubtedly how we are perceived in the Cosmos; and, in my intuition; there-in lies crucial keys toward transportability...

Video (below) over-view of SDO observatory that is crucial in every imaginable way, to our future...Our future Missions, & evolution of earth!

The right time to remind Obama to retain our entire NASA family... Together with our Int'l partners, WE ALL STAND at the forefront of essential evolution of technology. The most proficient balance of Scientists & engineers of our AGE.

Today's Links...
No time is being wasted; as evolution of the Shuttle draws near...
Right now Ares I-X stacking is scheduled to begin 6/25.. After a fine and successful hot fire test of the hardware at the Aft Skirt Test Facility at Kennedy Space Center... And: CM-LAS and the Birdcage...
VIEW: Aft Skirt Hot Fire Test…Check!

Dan Kanigan writes...
NASA says, "Additionally, the power units are run at 100%, 110% and 112% of capacity to assure that all redundancy modes are working properly.

When the test has been successfully completed the hydraulic systems are left as they are and the hydrazine is taken out. The system will stay in that condition until the Ares I-X vehicle is at the launch pad where the system will be refueled with hydrazine in preparation for launch."
read. (So, we shall see.)
Other Space News...
What about claims of NASA STS-125 UFO'S, at Hubble Mission?
Not an over-see, it's likely NASA's force-field amidst floating debris...
-Quite Lovely music toward the end of the clip, though:
VIEW VIDEO HERE. (Haven't looked at the rest of site)
INTUITION: I am seeing spherical, remote craft camera-drones, as they scan for debris; coupled with mission force-field around Atlantis; which appears to be impacting a 'repelling reaction' by said 'floating debris'...

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