Memorial Day gratitude, honor, & focus

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (Italy)

We remember those who came to the aid of people in harms way... And those who still do. ALL were prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice; as some have...
Paratrooper Sgt. Stephen Decatur

Memorial Day gratitude.
Men and women in defense of freedoms and nations... Did not wavier! We pay tribute by honoring their sacrifice, & protecting their legacy.
Fellow Americans, please join us: Warrior Legacy Foundation

What the missions & troops are made of...
Seal and US Army statement appears for the first 20 seconds or so...
(Program will start after that.)

With due respect... Re-naming the threat or fight, will not end it...
Bottom-line: We work alongside our allies, to help them to defend & protect independently; against an enemy of whose goal seeks their demise.

This is why we fight... VIEW VIDEO BIG SCREEN
Everyone should view this film, as forgotten history, seems to enact a repeat (in one varied form or another.) And regardless if history is over-sighted...
One must never loose sight of this focus...

Some of our departed told us not to cry for them...
"Just remember to stand with, and honor the troops."

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