Dems 'mass over-spend' without a single Minority GOP vote; & seem "edgy" over it

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Read liberal Pete Nicholas's article:
As Obama's imprint on the economy grows; so does his ownership of the issue. That ownership became almost literal as Obama moved more deeply into the banking and auto industry

Through ultimate legislative power, Dems have imposed weekly bailouts onto future main street.... With FULL control over the media, they've (somehow) managed, constitutional over-rides... But, through control of the polls, they're unable to accurately assess just how many Americans WILL NOT reelect them in 2010!

And now they find themselves obsessed with the image of the Republicans...
Here they invite "one of them, on their MSNBC...

Democrats force all of the failed policies that the World steers away from, onto today's American earners.... Mostly by stripping away and redistributing their pension funds, small business survival, and tax incentives... And aside from National Defence, and our amendment rights.... Everything that have taken, they've given to Wall Street...

Many turn to Conservative media to avoid the News dominating slant... And while many non-partisan businesses and professionals STRONGLY FAVOR Free Market principals... A Socialist Government take-over is about as popular as today's "after effects" of Dem's havoc-wrecking sub-prime...
... And that's the update.

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