Space colonization is solution to basically 40 years of Earth-day activist's failure

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) US Visit

While Earth struggles to implement its disorganized & disproportionate breath taxation... Space colonies will be augmenting CO2, by terraforming. Logically, Space colonization would afford a far superior vantage-point, and format to set good example; not realistically achievable on earth...
-Colonists would become much more easily acclimated... VIDEO (Haha)

On a serious note: Found this old NASA Colonization video...

Space colonists could provide a higher potential for healthy energy needs, to be beamed back to our planet... And due to a host of earth climate-program inadequacies such as, failure to recognize earth's inconstant magnetic field, and its impact on climate change... Colonizing away from earth, will likely be better equipped to extend the survival & well-being, to the human race... Time to go now...

ALSO: To achieve better understanding of earth's magnetic field, toward reducing severity of QUAKES ; & shielding of earth from asteroid debris.

Today's (assorted) and related Links...
Wonderful Video of Saturn Magnetosphere! BIG SCREEN!!
(Video remedial at first) ...later, more interesting...

Paleomagnetism studies of Saturn Magnetosphere reveal vital functions within our galaxy will help discover electrostatic sources of asteroid energy, to aid wider regions of our little globe.

Saturn's Magnetic Field. -Energetic emission: From Saturn's ring current
VIEW Earth's ring current: Here!
A similar torus of particles surround Earth with electrons moving eastward and positive ions moving to the west... These charged particles are, in reality, plasma and the motion around the Earth constitutes an electric current.

Star crust is 10 billion times stronger than steel read.
New Scientist - April 15, 2009
US scientists plan greenhouses on the Moon read.
PhysOrg - April 15, 2009

NASA: Prof. Hawking (colonization) VIEW VIDEO.
Prof. Hawking on the future of Universe... (Charlie Rose) VIDEO.
(The Prof. is resting comfortably after illness)

Saturn V. World's Largest Model Rocket to Lift Off Saturday read
FOXNews - ‎Apr 20, 2009‎
On Saturday, April 25, the Saturn V, the rocket that sent men to the moon 40 years ago, will once again lift off from US soil and soar over the Atlantic...
World's largest flying model rocket to launch April 25th DVICE
Late April will see the launch of the World's Largest Model Rocket
A 36-Foot Tall "Model" Rocket Is Set to Take Flight on Saturday Wired News

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