The meaning of Media pro-piracy

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

With so many ships being pirated... The media furthers these incidents as aggregates and proponents of ransoms; under their deeply held belief of wealth distribution... This is the danger, and not those who are held at the receiving end of heavy weaponry... Read this, and this.

Glen Reynolds points out:
“Ironically, while international law does not deter the pirates, it does deter their victims.” Glen's must read, law aspects: HERE.

Reporters angrily ask questions about actions taken toward Pirates...
Greyhalk posts on Sunday night’s latest briefing from Navy Admiral Bill Gorney.U.S. Naval Forces Central Command... (see video)

Mudvillegazette: has more.

Watch the (declining) Media who direct their anger at officer's treatment of armed pirates... Least mentioning the words, abducted, or kidnapped, or the word, hostages...It's just "friendly" forced Ransom at the butt of an AK-47...
-And this, again: is the KEY reason why!

The Journalist's stories never admonish the actions of Piracy; instead their wacky articles describe such things as, pirates who "often cook goat meat" for their captives...

In fact, Liberals hold "LIVE RAID" concerts to benefit Somali pirates! These are the groups who work to thwart ability for crews to carry arms in pirate zones, aboard prospective targets.

Mix that with a "trained and sufficiently bailed-out Media"; a Leader who will shift on a dime; and wealth distribution supporter-loyalists, who (on the one hand) want the leader to be a hero; and on the other, will wavier positions at the drop of a hat. This is a recipe for disaster...

Just like the missing & warped details of the last election!

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