I don't recall our Capital being called Marx

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) US trip

We all know what the father of our country has said about Tyranny, usurpation, corruption, overreaching, big spending, high taxing... If he were to return today, he’d say:
"What Bail out?? ...What Fairness Doctrine?? Gun ban?? "

Toby's cartoon says it all: VIEW.

Each ONE of the 750,000 'growing count' of tea party demonstrators actually represents 25,000 additional people, unable to attend! And given that this amount spanned 50 states of equal shares of Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians; it matters little that the left has resorted to "name-calling" and vulgar innuendos... At the end of the day, MASS unwanted bailouts directly diminish the value of the George Washington dollar...
Washington might question how so many were so easily fooled!
View 7 Broken Promises in Record Time...

The Democrats that I spent the day with (at Tea Party) are just as tired of where we are in our History of "blame and no action"... We the people are FED-UP and we're not going to take it anymore! VIEW VIDEO: Hotair.

We're not some group that showed up a month and trillions of (non-stimulus) notes ago; so that Obama's National Security group, could dismiss us, by calling us a threat! We're real people with families, and concern for our Constitution and Nation...

Credit: kansasmeadowlark

Compare the past links (below) and ask yourself how those promises working for you, now! The final stimulus package is the final insult to taxpayers.
Taxpayer revolt: Porkulus protest in Seattle,
Obama to sign theft act in Denver

Telegraph: Obama & Geithner rob Main Street of $3 trillion
Urgent Stimulus on Hold for Obama's Weekend off
WSJ: Obama's Rhetoric Is the Real 'Catastrophe'

Transferring it out, faster than it comes in should be a

When all that matters is a 'so-called' WIN: read.
"From Hugo's military coup, to impoverished Nation."
That's the real story that Obama should read...

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