Americans shift away from Obama Team Media; to citizen and Int'l Reportage!

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) US Visit!

Telegraph posts this News story

Americans living in US & abroad , are turning away from Obama Administration's "sufficiently bailed-out" News gaggle, such as: CBS, MSNBC, ABC, CNN (etc) as HUGE swaths of news stories which contain anything critical of the US President , disappear!

BUT: The most unprecedented censorship ever seen in the history of America has a silver lining: The rise in citizen reportage....
"Enter Media reformation!"

Obama's National Homeland Security releases vague memo, leaving little doubt of it's intent to target political opposition...
Timed at onset of well planned (BI-PARTISAN) Tax-Day Tea Parties:

(VIDEO!) The President says he was unaware of the tea parties: VIEW! ht: gatewaypundit

This will actually help to further the anti-overtax cause; as the use of power to deliberately minimize & invalidate sincere efforts of others; is seriously rejected!

Here we are! IMAGE: VIEW.
As the canvas was rolled back, a well-worn flag was flown in from the finest individuals of our Land... My friend’s plane landed me at the private airport for our Tax-Day Tea Party; as "steady streams of groups of 600" exercised deep concerns for mismanagement of citizenry rights and future!
God Bless America, Land that I Love...
More later... Resting from the travel...

The Best of Tea Party Videos!
-Noting personal, "IT'S OUR COUNTRY!" VIDEO!

-Shep at Fox: (Haha) VIDEO VIEW


Glen Reynolds post link to:
Stop Stalling and Show Us The Bailout Books.
And: Desperate to Dismiss The Tea Parties.

Other Journalist stories...
Only the right kind of Journalist can attend "Journalistic Excellence Award." UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO: MUST VIEW!
"Officers handcuff documentary Filmmaker at Couric Journalism Awards"
NOTE: video was shot & edited by Orange County Films. John Ziegler was not involved the the production or editing of this video in any way.

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