Era of repackage becomes folly of century

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

I once read where many of the same older adults of today, were once the youth who were "wrecking the world"... And for many, this appears to be true. Today, they continue to push (to suit) the repackaging of "lack of value"... Just to call that "Value."
An image I would not have believed...

It would hardly be worth reflecting upon, had it not become visible to the innocent... It's travel from spirit, to cellular level, to economic level... Today's world is a world of which the forgotten gasp for air as babies, youth are led along from absolute uncertainty; while we read of the "robbery of future" from both advantage, prosperity, and riches of responsibility...

Because so many "want it now" and here-by reestablish the definition of value for life, as: "according to their will"... I shall here-by formerly dupe this folly of the century, as: "The "era of repackage"

But one might need to know that when few rise in defense of life and liberty, in all its forms... Those innocent forms may very well reject... Obama is old.
I'm quickly near a computer! But back to (auto posts on travel)...
I wish you well...

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