VIDEO: Why FED & Global banks have brought U.S. to mocked crisis of 1787

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (US trip!)

It was February second (1787) and our Nation was in shambles. Shades of Rebellion, and states unable to pay their bills, would usher in a new Constitution!

Arthur Saint Claire was actually our first President, as United States in Congress Assembled, made way for Constitutional Convention.

Saint Claire (a foreign born) soon became Minneapolis Governor; replaced by Washington

Few archives of history tell the tale of concern for this Constitution; as many feared it would create a government so huge, that it would become a Kingdom... Today we find that the opposition was right...

VIDEO UPDATE: Here’s what we’re thinking now! NEW WINDOW!

Rest assured, the People did not fail this giant experiment...
Bloated government and its leaders slowly took advantage of our successes... Slowly exploited our worth, and bargained with our freedoms; by transferring our wealth through special (Int'l) interests... And in order to overcome their failures, 'behind closed-door deals' sought to intercept our savings, profits, earnings; and flooded our markets with panic, and manipulated currencies.

Richard Henry Lee, President (1784-85) and writer of (76) Resolution of Independence, wanted revisions to the new Constitution, to prevent what we see today... Those moments of history...

Though our Constitution sought to distinguish that "America" is, "By the People"...
Government expansion and social ambitions began their 200 year war to reverse it... Today, Tax-payers (all parties) stand up against
Government corruption, and theft.
Sparked by one man on the Mercantile Exchange floor: VIDEO.
VIDEO UPDATE: instapundit.
CORRECTION: Rick Santelli 'rant' was not the genesis of this movement.

They use our future earnings, to create a crushing Media where "MYTHS" of racial divisions, creates propaganda, abhorrent of history...
And encourage absurd form of leader bowing.

Was Obama "really" an historic President?
Obama is the SIXTH President with mixed African heritage.

And in this day and struggles we face; this new government direction promises us nothing, but what it expects to harvest from Americans not yet born...
To protect our Nation, and future Americans, is to Abolish the Federal Reserve!
ESSENTIAL Videos at Abolish the FED.
Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve

Fiscal responsibility is the new counterculture:
Tea Party photo album.

VIEW IT ALL at Hotair: (1-10) Bringing Down the House!

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