Western Humanitarians: The givers of trillions of AID to avert global starvation

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip)

We failed to predict the shift in rising nations; as billions poured from western countries who sought to feed the world... We gave, when we did not have... And as states must balance, the 'error of mass infusion' of credit and debt, was born.
Western humanitarian: B. Kouchner
A truly great man, of dedication...

Note: I changed this post title, as did not translate well...
Neither have smears and misunderstandings as:
The west is touted as selfish...
But when the world's rising nations were called upon, only those of the "Free markets" answered the call... Our debts rose, and the poorest ate; and now in the down-turn, those who never gave, or gave the least, accuse the west of greed... When an even share of AID, would enable larger debts to be paid.

According to new Europe ...
Social Scientists pin-point three causes for the global economical crisis: Globalism, inter-nationalism, and transformationalism... But the domino effect, which eventually resulted in mass write-downs; contained a global variety of imbalances; drawn across 'less interdependent' nations... This was decades in the making...

There may be only one fix...
I believe that a global financial restore-point is the answer...
Maybe this time the responsibilities of the world would come from all, and not just a few... That we might establish a balanced foot-hold, and shift to reliable market strategy; void of those who support their own protectionism...

It is illogical to blame the largest aid donors for leading the financial crisis.
I begin to question our ability to save our markets, by injecting capital from our future earners, now threatened by those who seek a new and dominant role, yet void of 'even commitment' toward feeding the world's less fortunate...

This continues to harm the poorest of the poor, as western philanthropists are unable to rise to this challenge...
Top of the news
G-7's Vow: read.
Those who oversee about two-thirds of the world economy, are: U.S., Japan, Germany, U.K., Italy, Canada and France... They predicted the full effect of individual rescue packages will "build over time."

Roll it all back now... Because "over time" unstable markets, amidst shifting geographical changes; are forcing millions of productive people, into mass resignation... When blame hits the most generous, there is disorientation, and HOPE IS CRUSHED...

EXCESS fear & damaged belief-systems, AID this crisis:
BIG SCREEN VIDEO: Here's the worst one.

Vacuum of Fear...
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