Keynesian Economics is wrong...
Bigger Gov't Is Not Stimulus (cato)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (US trip!)

Sound money requires the empowerment of good judgment over bad, as both failure and success, provide accurate assessment... The US Republicans are not in favor of Obama's Keynesian model... And for a variety of reasons, Dem's have received a variety of Int'l warnings...

Ed Morrissy points out that it would take some Reagan-like courage to suffer through a severe recession in order to tighten the money supply and roll back
From the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation...
Dan Mitchell explains in this video, why politicians resist...

And more (here) on this bad direction...

Obama's Misleading Spendulus Website...
Gabriel notices the $142 B for "Protecting the Vulnerable"...
View graphic: All of this is spending!

My view... As long as the Obama Administration fails to see that a kick start (tax relief) to the engine (employers) is essential; we are likely to see a new wave of unemployed "car riders"... History should matter, outside the hopes for two Presidential terms, when damaging policy can negatively impact five generations...

Here's a suggestion from comments:
"How about we realize that our corporate tax rate is too high and cut that? 80% of the US owns stock, so this would benefit most people and would encourage investment here.

"Free market" explains the fundamental market behavior. To the extent markets are not free, government has intervened. Even still, the resulting distortions themselves follow those same basic patterns.
For example, when prices are "fixed", shortages occur. Or when a product is banned, black markets appear with high prices. Human behavior is what drives market behavior. And human nature is immutable.
"Free market" economic systems conform to human nature.
Former links... ht: instapundit
From Dan Mitchell and the folks at Cato.
(The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation)
Why tax havens are good for the global economy. More here and here." and a link to Dan Mitchell's book on:
The benefits of tax competition.

Fruits of One’s Labor & Political Freedom: read.

More links today...
(hotair) California Republicans oust Senate leader, dig in:
"It's time we stop treating the taxpayers of California as a personal ATM," Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Thousand Oaks (Ventura County) said..

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