US (HPG) Licensing Mini Power Plants

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip!)

American Design by Otis "Pete" Peterson and other scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. read more.

Now, the technology is being commercially developed by Hyperion Power Generation...Read.


Hyperion´s miniature nuclear modules could be easily transported, embedded (see below) with the ability to power up to 20,000 homes... Baltics should be free to call U.S. for any help... (Not excluding Ukraine) Maybe an answer to unregulated 'winter price-hikes' & "billion-dollar" late fees...

Many more of these mini-power plants will be constructed in America, for regions of which 'options are limited' (or pose specific challenges.)

My favorite Physicist, Michio Kaku, gives the run-down...
UPDATE: Security Questions explained in: ATOMIC PODCAST

( -- Underground nuclear power plants no bigger than a hot tub may soon provide electricity for communities around the world. Measuring about 1.5 meters across, the mini reactors can each power about 20,000 homes. Read story.
Hyperion at I.A.E.A. conference in Vienna
Sept. 29 – Oct.3, 2008
Inventor Dr. Otis (Pete) Peterson presenting Hyperion’s Compact, Self-Regulating Nuclear Reactor at Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference in Aomori Japan.
NEI International Uranium Fuel Seminar to hear Hyperion CEO John Grizz Deal speak October 19-22, 2008 in Denver, CO.

Hyperion Nuclear Power Generation!
Nov 9, 2008 ... PHOTO! Here's a picture / details on Hyperion Nuclear Power Generation. New Mexico's Hyperion Power Generation produces Hyperion!
Today's Links...
Hyperion Power Generation Delivering First of 4000 Reactor Modules!
Sep 25, 2008... Read article.
"This building would be large enough to handle Hyperion support equipment. I have written about Hyperion Power Generation (HPG) several times."

How conventional Nuclear works: Explanation of all pacets.

Portable Nuclear 'Hot Tubs' Could Power America ...
Nov 12, 2008...
"That's what Hyperion Power Generation, a small Santa Fe, N.M.-based startup, hopes lots of utility and energy companies say over the next."

Russian Bear?
Manipulation of its market position? Or is the Russian gas supply system unable to meet demand?

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