Russian Gasprom price hike & gas cut; supplies fall; Ukraine Orphans face doom

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip)

Kremlin officials say there is no reason why Moscow should subsidize Ukraine with cheap gas if its leaders want to join the NATO military alliance. story.

Oh, the irony...
VIDEO: Ukraine Orphan's "little Navy dance." VIDEO.

VIDEO: Russia gas row disruption spreads to Bulgaria View.
Gazprom had (itself) reduced supplies to Europe! read.

Every effort should be made to assist these children:
-Visit Kristina's
Over 100,000 orphans: View Video HERE

Today's News... Not the time to raise oil prices!
Ukraine students seek to save their White House
The Daily Advance, NC - 20 hours ago
The residence was converted into an orphanage after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Today the school is divided into classrooms used by 200 students.

Couple's peanut butter donations help Ukrainian children
Statesville Record & Landmark, USA - Dec 25, 2008
They met Renate Kurz and were introduced to the Little Lambs, a ministry Kurz founded in 1993 to help the Ukrainian orphans... And found out how they could help.

NOTE: The people of Ukraine are very wonderful, and I do not doubt that life can be difficult for this region; as it was (late 90's) when US; by request from humanitarian missions, was asked to enter, and help reverse the plight for many...

Please contact UNICEF... Any decent solution would be for the Kremlin to turn the gas back on, work with Naftogaz; and fulfill a request for a charitable donation for these Children... If you have ever worked with Orphans, you know that they are likely to moved around, again and again...

Previous Story...
Russia cuts off gas to Ukraine: #
By Christian Lowe and Pavel Polityuk
37 mins ago
Yushchenko said in a statement he believed a compromise deal with Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom was achievable by Orthodox Christmas on January 7...

Signaling a possible way out of the stand-off, Ukraine's state energy firm Naftogaz increased the amount it said it was prepared to pay for Russian gas to $235 per 1,000 cubic meters -- $15 short of the amount Russia had earlier demanded -- but also said it wanted Russia to pay higher transit fees.

Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom, signaled a tougher stance, saying it now wanted Ukraine to pay $418 per 1,000 cubic meters, more than double the $179.5 paid last year. read.

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