NASA Test Prep for Feb 12 Cargo Launch

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France (US trip)

The shuttle stack atop the mobile launcher platform is scheduled to roll out to Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad 39A at 4 a.m. EST Jan. 14. -NASA TV: View.
The 3.4-mile journey from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad aboard NASA's crawler-transporter will take 6 hours.

NASA:S6 truss segment & solar arrays (Discovery Cargo 1/14/09)

Discovery STS-119 mission launches again: 2/12/09!
Commander Archambault & crew to deliver final solar arrays set to ISS.

Future for NASA cargo-
VIDEO Update: SpaceX:
Fulfilling an efficient, sleek, and less costly year-end commitment... This young private company team, delivers Falcon 9 Hardware to Cape in Preparation for 2009 Maiden Flight.

Amazing Images view.
Winter Wonder Rocket Icicles: here.

Changing Astronomy Forever: Read.

More on Discovery: The crew spends many hours training with dials and controls identical to that of the shuttle computer and screens that animate the view from outside the shuttle's window. Johnson technicians program the simulator's software to throw various problem situations at the crew to make sure they can cope with anything while in flight... -Provided by NASA
-NASA International's 5th Year on Mars! VIDEO!

A Non-related Topic...
Not much chance 'Putie' will give us a lift, to ISS… (10 years at ISS)
Designs for the "OLD USA? Wants the "real USA"...Gone?
This is an Int'l cooperation w/ Astronaut's full Teamwork! Together, there is so much more to do... (sad.)

Just happened to have a look at the Phobos 2 (supposed Int’l cooperative)
(1989) mission of Hydraotes Chaos, etc... (Secrecy, right out of batman!)
BIG SCREEN VIDEO: (new window) Phobos 2: VIEW HERE.

Of course it leans heavily on the Sumerian tablet VA-243; which shouldn't be on a NASA or SpaceX post, in the first place... But hey. (Haha)
(more later)

UPDATE: This Just In… (More non-related info)
Sad to announce, that Ricardo Montalban has passed away, today…
A long career, Montalban was popularly known as Khan; a great Star Trek villain... It therefore becomes fitting to add this film…

BIG SCREEN: VIEW HERE. (Movie from Hotair, who has more.)

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