Iraqis Command Control of Key Sites as Official end to US Occupation

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip)

A long awaited day marks the celebration and return of Sovereignty to the Iraqi people.

Historic Moment Observed

But we have observed this gradual exercise of unity, independence, and strength, for some time now... From the weigh-in on regional issues, prominent visit by Gulf state (UAE)... And also, Iraqi's independent preparation to open nearly 90 pct of its oil reserves to foreign Bidding; as was announced Wednesday, in the beginning of a second round of bids to vote upon Int'l licensing... read.

The youth of Iraq (in the decades to come) will grow with greater regional participation and opportunity... And we know that this means more to offer toward Peace and harmony of the region...

May God bless this celebration, and the future of Iraq... There's is a bright future of prosperity... Against all odds.

Most importantly, for the Iraqis... This officially marks the end of foreign occupation; and every reason to believe that time will find this country as one of the key Nations of stability in the Middle east...

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