Finally Arrived at Home, Today

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip)

Anticipation, amidst a surprisingly blue sky; the boat passed along the chilly water route... I'm home! Quick post, as I get settled...

Light was streaming down upon the Golden-girl; seen here, still feeding the swans...(Haha)
...Everything, just the way I left it...

Funny... I didn't see a single swan or duck...
This would be the south they're looking for. :)

Anyway.. I tried to use the movie feature on cell...
A 30 second 'bad result'... Or would have looked very much like this:

Image: Barbay; Golden Girl w/Swan

Found a video! Great lighting, and even a little music, too. :#
Of course it's California (US) and not Geneva; but hey..

More links...
Beautiful Places Around the World

NOTE: My caretaker (Palestinian/Americans) are at Grandmothers snowy home!... They were excited beyond words (Haha) ...Please make life count people.. Don't wait for anything that is not, embrace what is... This is absolutely a key...
Have a beautiful day... Will post more later...

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