'Elected officials' are ALL civil servants

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France (US trip)

"By the People- for the People"
We're a country who, even in our most liberal of distinctions, have crushed societal slavery; and aren't ready to abolish the right to retain the "Fruits of our Labor."

US Inauguration : 2 Million witnesses

Americans true praise and adulation here, is in our ability to impact a new 'civil servant'... And for our ability to witness his promise to uphold our constitution; and not re-write it after the festivities...

Awkward moment:
Obama benediction prays that "red man can get ahead"...
FACT: Indians live in the clutches of "failed Government-imposed Socialism!"

Traditionally distinguished prayer became 'back-petal' humor; as Americans viewed (perhaps) the most shallow Inaugural Benediction in US history...

I'm for holding ALL civil servants accountable for preserving the distinction set forth in our Constitution... All the same, good thing this "Inaugural Benediction" wasn't 2000; or they'd have set the Capital on fire!

In conclusion...
Lincoln sought to preserve the fruits of man's labor, as hundreds of billions of dollars are promised from two generations of Americans, not yet born...

I have always said that "self-esteem counseling" is all that would have been needed in the bail-out here... We have all worked side-by-side, amidst some of the "WORST 1980's POLICY EVER IMPACTED, IN US HISTORY"!!

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