Big Media cleans strewn inaugural debris by not reporting it (Historic: 130 tons!)

Looks like Obama will be busy over-hauling his "volunteerism" and
"personal responsibility" network; after this trash soiree...
(They're the "change.")

Monument looks like a swarm of locusts hit it.

Image: D. Report & Ace
The Trash Was Historic, Too. read
(Exceeding Earth Day record)

Some say that the cluttered Mall near the Smithsonian's American History Museum (as a result of failure to pick up after themselves) and a stark contrast to how grand the event had been. read

UPDATE: ht: Slublog
Thanks to Citizen journalism, here's a video...

Maybe we should start "hope and change" by having everyone clean up their own trash! They whine about 'global warming'; and then toss their debris with a cigarette in their hand...

I guess the "pitch in" message is only good once a year; and this wasn't it...
We're supposed to be their new bankers??
Part of the 150 million?

UPDATE: At the same time: 33,000 google searches...
Media wasted no time in reporting on: Bush Sr. defaced monument

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