Samir Sumaida’ie sets 'Code Pink' straight

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France (US trip)

Hotair and gatewaypundit
CODE PINK Ambushes Iraqi Ambassador - Ambassador Fires Back
"He's lucky he didn't try something like this under Saddam Hussein."

Liberals keep posting the Sadrist's shoe throw video with pride...
Iraq has grown since the first weeks of their formation of cabinets, when assassinations to remove the competition was their choice of the day.

Today Iraqis choose legislative process for disagreements...
To retain support for unity, is crucial... The left feels giddy over mutual Bush hate, without a single thought (as usual) of what is being empowered here...
First, peace has arrived for Iraq, and cannot be achieved by empowering turmoil. Second, balance of Iraqi's environment, will also affect Obama... He will only withdraw, as peace and Generals suggest.

Today's Links...
Code Pink and US left Media honor Sadrist shoe-chucker

Pinko Idiots with shoes all lined up: View.
And as Gateway says, "Media outnumbered the protesters 3-1!" For the last six years, these Pinko & Media fools have only served to slow the US withdrawal.

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