Optimism is Catchy: Wynn to open Encore!

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip!)

Some mope with doom and gloom & seek compounded stimulus"; but I favor a positive "Wynn-win", where 90% positive attitude plus 100% effort, equals strives for 100% success.

These are cycles, and leadership should stand with optimism... Americans don't need to be slammed with continual negativity... Possibility takes on different shapes of strength... As shifts, changing innovations, and budding new values emerge... We need cheerleaders and not snivelers, to represent the true America... Do it, and the slump will shift.

Wynn opens new casino resort in Las Vegas!

Listen to Mr. Wynn's refreshing attitude...

His Video Commercial for Dec 22nd Encore Opening: here.

Although the Wynn family appear 'too young' for Sinatra history...
-View their Video Biography: here!

And for those who didn't miss the years of Sinatra... Much of his personal memorabilia will grace Encore's Sinatra-themed Italian restaurant...

From Mercury news:
"I didn't plan on it, but voila," Wynn said as he sat at a table in his executive office with Oscar, Grammy and Emmy awards won by Sinatra. In 1953 Sinatra received an Academy Award for his supporting role in "From Here to Eternity."

Wynn goes on to say, "To me, that Oscar and what it stands for in Frank's life, is as priceless as anything that I've ever witnessed; and I've seen the Mona Lisa and the Statue of David." Read more.

NOTE: The Mirage was considered a risky venture by the standards then prevailing in Las Vegas because of its high cost and emphasis on luxury. However, it proved to be enormously successful and made Wynn a major part of Las Vegas history...
On to Treasure Island , Belagio, Mississippi, sale of Mirage to MGM, purchase of Desert Inn... Wynn Macau in China, And now the "Encore" in Vegas!!

Personal Thoughts: America will once again see this shift... Meanwhile, live life generously, and with optimism... And continue to support recovery, and instill positive attitude, to others... We'll all pull out of this, the world over... Take this quiet time for family, parents; and even prayer. :)

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