G20 Summit: Cooperation to boost growth

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Int'l Leaders representing 90% of the Global economy; met as the essential 'firsts' of several. (below) detailed consensus.

Image: Bubble is burst!

Most important will be, thoural investigations to determine the exact root cause of the melt-down...
Dana explains, "You can't know how to solve this, until you find the cause."
Not a peep from Media? Likely not invited (15th). Behavior at election?)

First Article by BBC: I've actually liked. Confronting global crisis:
Brown says, "Expansion!" | HU says, "Cooperation."

I think that solution lies amidst a return to a more strict 'gold standard'... USA, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands along with IMF, SPDR and ECB are of the largest gold holders...
Image: US Gold Group

In this retrospect, coordinated effort and World aid could be offered to those; in a way which rewards development & assertion... Merging to another "paper" would not solve the crisis; And would simply 'lessen Free enterprise options'

Proposals were shared by each leader; who met on an individual basis, as per arrival & departure-time... Community focus ranging from immediate to first and foremost; and sharing much about future correction.

I recommend viewing Dubai meeting (09.11.2008)
World Economic Forum Summit on the Global Agenda
-Closing Plenary Session

US Democrats blame Capitalism, but this does not appear to be an overall consensus.. Ten councils emerged to view the objectives which lead away from protectionism... Most likely because many have been in the thrones of certain policies which limit growth... Technological advances and Value creation; are an important part of a Free market system...
US Democrats also favor adaptation of restrictive policy; most of which is ill-timed; pushing economy into slow recovery. Stop these actions!

As stated at Bloomberg:
"Persistent inflation and budget deficits may prevent policy makers in the 15 nations that share the euro from moving as aggressively as their U.S. counterparts to cut interest rates and taxes. Meanwhile, Europe's labor laws will make it harder for companies to speed a recovery in profits by reducing payrolls."

Financial innovation, such as mass securitizations and the mass embrace of derivatives resulted in the development of what is now termed ‘the shadow banking system’."

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