'Change' Looks like 'unchecked' lobbyists

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Ex-Lobbyists Have Key Obama Roles read.
"Obama regularly indulged in the populist demonetization of lobbyists and claimed to lead a new movement to purify Washington of their evil influences." ht:
- Hotair

It will be interesting to see which lobbyists will be in charge; as significant leadership roles merge forward... VIDEO

But he told you he was for CHANGE...
Clip is a little dramatic, but hey...
As US funds tens of trillions to underdeveloped countries...
Obama proposes the need to fund underdeveloped countries...

For the record...
Since 1973, Libs have appeased Eco lobbyists, which became the direct cause of today's increased dependence on foreign oil! ...Their Lobbyists succeeded in opposing oil and gas drilling; and decades of prohibition on development of nuclear energy... Recently, BLM had applied moratoriums on solar power projects on public lands, pending environmental impact studies... After great expense, moratorium was rescinded! (Source) #

Note: Only 2% of US oil comes from Domestic Sources; and taxing them out of business pleases Lobbyists... In fact, Obama, under lobbyist directive, will be quick to reverse a recent Bush administration move to open up public lands in Utah to oil and gas drilling...

We're not doomed, we just have to challenge the 'unchecked'... And work harder to keep from becoming 'third-world' with a weakened defense...
Lib's forget that it was their 1979 policies which brought-on a worsened Russia (pay-back 08)... and a rise in 79' Khomeini... And it was their corruption which privately sold (top secret) technologies to various global regions; and which now ushers in the same 'unchecked' lobbyists who once out-sourced our yesterday... More: info.

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