Chandrayaan Update: Mission Progress

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

भारतीय अन्तरिक्ष अनुसंधान संगठन
Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

Image: Source

Lovely Video: VIEW.

UPDATE: Chandrayaan 1 - India Moon Mission (day 6) #
Today the spacecraft is receiving energy directly from the Sun, and infrared radiation given off by the Moon; as Chandrayaan is currently expected to heat to external temperatures of 100 °C, as cooling systems aim to maintain the spacecraft's interior at around 40 °C...more.

India's Chandrayaan's data will use a technology that is completely new to past missions. VIDEO (pre-launch) View: here.

First Moon Images: Tiranga Probe from Chandrayan followed by former President Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad's speech... (From Zee News)

MORE: The two-year mission seeks high-resolution imaging of the moon's surface, especially the permanently shadowed polar regions, according to the Indian Space Research Organization. It will also search for evidence of water or ice and attempt to identify the chemical breakdown of certain lunar rocks, the group said. more. (Which may help toward energy)

Those fortunate to piggy-back on Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft: Carrying 11 pay loads (2 NASA (American) 4 European (Swedish, Bulgarian, German, British), and 5 Indian)...

India: For Progress, Harmony, and Prosperity...

More Links...
Sunita Williams STS-117 crew on space shuttle Atlantis: #
Sunita is NASA's Indian-American astronaut in (2007). more.

Delhi to get India's first heliport
With the 2010 Commonwealth Games fast approaching, hectic activities are on to construct India’s first fully-automated heliport in West Delhi.

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