After Trouble Spots, Best Days Lie Ahead

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

This was us in 1937!
A hard-working nation who continued to strive, and is often reminded of our humble beginnings... We took pride in helping others to evolve.

Maybe the best time for inspiration is found in its striving...
A time when inspired freedoms furthered medical developments, reduced world disease, while aiding world hunger... All in the moment of striving.

Today, not wanting more but knowing that you are capable of it all, while seeking a balance; is what a super-power is really about... When all things must shift from today, nothing compares with the hands you meet along the way.

We're not flawless, and we've made mistakes; but I feel that our best days are ahead of us... What was seen as magic is still American spirit...

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"Amid all the political and media hysteria, national output has declined by less than one-half of one percent. In fact, it may not have declined even that much– or at all– when the statistics are revised later, as they very often are.

We are not talking about the Great Depression, when output dropped by one-third and unemployment soared to 25 percent.

What we are talking about is a golden political opportunity for politicians to use the current financial crisis to fundamentally change an economy that has been successful for more than two centuries. read more.

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